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FAQs About Travel to Cuba

  • What do I need to travel to Cuba?​​
    • You will need a valid passport.  If you plan to go ashore, you will also need a Visa.  Royal Caribbean can process a Cuban visa for you at the pier for $75/per person.  You can also obtain the Visa on your own, just be sure you have it prior to travel
  • Can I travel with a driver's license and/or birth certificate?​
    • No  All guests traveling to Cuba, including children, are required to have a passport  ​
  • Is travel by U.S. Citizens restricted?
    • There are several way to visit Cuba and the most common reason cruise guests use is participation in educational activities, specially "people-to-people" (one of the permitted categories for visiting Cuba) programs.  An easy way to meet this educational requirement is to purchase a Shore Excursion from Royal Caribbean​
  • Is it safe to travel to Cuba?
    • Cuba is generally regarded as a safe place, with a very low crime rate.  That being said, you should follow the same common sense safety measures you would when traveling to any new place.  Don't wear flashy jewelry, keep track of your belongs, and bring only as much cash as you think you will need for the day.​
  • What about medical facilities, insurance and wheelchair accessibility?
    • Cuba's health care system is respected around the world and your cruise fare includes a local health insurance fee, so you're covered on the island  Wheelchair users should note the accessibility is limited in Cuba.  There is a lack of curb cuts, ramps, accessible vehicles and elevators.  Doors may not be as wide and grab bars unavailable.
  •   ​Is there Internet and do cell phones work?
    • You will need to check with your mobile carrier about covered in Cuba.  Internet most likely will not be available once you are onshore.​
  • How do I pay for things?
    • The main currencies are the Cuban Peso (used by ​locals) and the Cuban Convertible Peso (used mostly by tourists).  You can exchange small U.S. bills at the cruise terminal, in banks and exchange offices and in hotels.  Most credit cards will not work in Cuba and most businesses are cash-only
  • Do I have to purchase a tour to disembark the ship in Cuba?
    • Guests must qualify for one of the 12 categories of authorized travel or hold a specific license issued by OFAC.   ​
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