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Our Adventure in Cancun

Each of us has to decide when we believe it is safe to travel in this time of COVID-19.  While many opt to limit any excursions, even locally, Michael and I decided we were ready to leave our protective housebound quarantine and test our “wings.”  Whatever your current position may be, we thought you might enjoy sharing our adventure last week to Cancun and what we encountered during our trip.


First let me state, we did not make the decision to travel lightly, as we are in the “target demographic” but we felt we could and would take precautions to limit any liabilities.


For the flight to Cancun, we ensured we used our hand sanitizer, wipes and everyone was required to wear a mask.  Upon arrival in Cancun, the driver for our transfer sprayed our luggage to eliminate any possible germs and ensured we used our hand sanitizer before driving us to the beautiful Grand Park Royal Cancun.


Upon arrival at the hotel, we were told we were to continue to wear our masks, our temperature was taken, we had to clean the bottom of our shoes and use their hand sanitizer.  This procedure was repeated over and over as we entered every restaurant and bar.  Masks were required everywhere except on the beach and at the pool, and chairs and lounges at the pool and beach were spaced for social distancing.  Currently hotels are only allowed a maximum of 30% occupancy so the beaches were empty and chairs available poolside.  It was a great time to visit.

It felt glorious to spend days in the sun at the beach or in the pool, enjoying the swim up bar for beverages, lounging in the shade under a thatched roof and eating delicious food.


We also spent a day visiting 4 other properties observed the following:


·      Guest rooms are completely sanitized and sealed for 24 hours before another guest is allowed to check into the room 

·      Toiletries are sealed in a plastic bag before being placed in a guest room and TV remotes are sanitized and sealed in plastic between guests

·      All staff must wear a face mask and staff handling food items wore gloves

·      Buffets are no longer self-serve, but a staff member assists with helpings. Items that were self serve, like fruit plates, desserts or salads, were in individual serving dishes wrapped in saran wrap or in sealed jars.

·      Masks were required to enter a restaurant or to approach any food area, but were not required at tables for eating and drinking.  All tables were spaced for social distancing and sanitized between guests.

·      Use of hand sanitizer and cleaning the bottom of shoes was required at hotel entrances and upon entering restaurants and bars

·      Temperature was taken before being allowed to enter a hotel


The additional 4 properties we visited are below.  Click on each property to view our photos.


Each property observed the highest level of sanitation, adhering to the Mexican Caribbean Clean & Safe Check Certification, which aims to maintain the highest sanitary measures for the prevention and containment of COVID-19.


The staff at each hotel was excited to welcome guests and service was extraordinary.  If you are ready for a getaway to Cancun, pricing at hotels will never be a greater value than now.  We'd love to chat with you about our experience and help you decide if this is a good time for you to travel.


Give us a call. 

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